Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Rhyming Picture Book--What a Mess!

I had horrible dreams the other night. Nightmares really.

In every one of them I was going about my everyday business (with a few more castles and zombies involved than in waking life). Then the simple things I did turned into huge, disgusting messes not just for me, but for my friends. It happened in dream after dream.

What was my subconscious getting at?

Simply this: Don't send bad rhyming picture books for your friends to critique. Duh! What a mess I created for them to wade through.

My friends were very kind but still, I am so sorry. Being the author, it's hard to read the meter wrong. But being a friend, I'm sure it was hard to read the meter right. Oops!

I have learned. Here is one site I particularly love on picture book rhyming. An oldie but goody. Oooo...and a new one to check out. Looks promising.

Learn from my mistakes, and may you sleep well.

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