Thursday, February 20, 2014

Monthly Reading

Sorry, it's been a while. Here's what I've been up to.

The Corner of Bitter and Sweet*, Robin Palmer
Yes, I was looking for Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, but saw this and thoroughly enjoyed it. A quick YA read about the life of the daughter of an aging alcoholic TV star with captivating quirky voice and heart. Not the deepest book you can read about difficult issues, but hopeful, enjoyable, yet still somewhat real.

Uncle Andy's Cats***, James Warhola
A cute story shelved in children's fiction about Andy Warhol's herd of cats.

Divergent*, Veronica Roth
A dystopian about daring, selflessness, and real courage. I think it lives up to the hype and am looking forward to the movie.

The Mischievians**, William Joyce
A catalog of the creatures who unroll your toilet paper roll, steal your socks, and (yes) dangle your boogers from your nose for others to gawk at. My kids loved this. We took it a few pages at a time. And of course Joyce's art work is stunning.

The Leaf Men***, William Joyce

Not a Box***, Antoinette Portis
What I love about this little picture book is the pictures! Very cute.

National Geographic: Kids' Myths Busted***, Emily Krieger
A very fun kids myth buster book. They assert that alligators don't live in the sewer system of New York City, but then they tell you what does.

There were lots of other picture books, but these are the standouts. And more than anything what I've read is my own writing over, and over, and over. Someday, I'm hoping I can give it a * and send it out into the publishing world. And by someday, I'm hoping this year.

* Highly recommended
** Highly recommended by my kids
*** Highly recommended by me AND my kids ;)

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