Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weekly Reading

**A is for Art: An Abstract Alphabet, Stephen T. Johnson
My favorite book of the week. The abstract art this man created for this book is impressive...I mean, I know nothing about abstract art but going to all work just blew me away. Weird of me to say, I know. Because not only is he an accomplished artist, but his word choice and humor throughout the book were surprising and captivating. I just loved this fresh take on an alphabet book and my 4 yo likes to search for the hidden objects. We see something new every time we read it.

The Dead Roam the Earth: True Stories of the Paranormal from around the World, Alasdair Wickham (NOT A CHILDREN'S BOOK)
Okay, I know. Here's the thing: I get story ideas from books like these, but I have to admit that I skipped large sections, mostly involving Mick Jagger and a giant pig demon. Ew. Not together, but they were still both "ew." Still, there were delightfully entertaining ghost stories that were lots of fun. Read with caution. And not at night.

Quiet Bunny, Lisa McCue
A long way from pig demons, I'll tell you that.

The Mole Sisters and the Busy Bees, Roslyn Schwartz
What I love best about the mole sisters are the colored pencil illustrations. Simply beautiful.

**Birthday Monsters!, Sandra Boynton
How can you not love Sandra Boynton? My four year old likes to "read" it back to me. Whoever's reading it, we always have a good time with Boynton. How can you not be impressed by someone who went from greeting cards (of which I was a huge fan) to bestselling board books?

First Graders from Mars. Episode 4, Shana Corey, Mark Teague
The Fierce Yellow Pumpkin, Margaret Wise Brown, Richard Egielski

**Highly Recommended

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