Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weak Weekly Reading

Once again, not so good on the weekly reading--not that I didn't try. I picked up and put down three books but I just couldn't get into any of them, even after giving them a chance for a few days. They are apparently wonderful books and well reviewed, but I am weird. Now you know.

I have three lovely new novels sitting on the library shelf in front of me waiting to be devoured so hopefully that will work out better. One of them is highly recommended by Becca Fitzpatrick (not even on the front cover, but in private conversation at a bookstore where we were ushered to the special "edgy books" section), another is recommended by Pat Esden who I believe is friends with the bestselling author, and one is by Louis Sachar, and how can I not try it out? I love his book Holes, and The Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. And I will check out a bunch of picture books too, before I leave.

No, I won't tell you what books I didn't like. Those authors actually wrote books, finished them, published them, got great reviews from Kirkus (for example), and don't deserve any criticism from me. They're books that definitely deserved to be published, they just don't meet my entertainment needs at this time.


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