Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Thing About Writing Goals

The thing about resolutions and goals is that if you make them, AND go so far as to write them down, AND THEN actually make a stab at accomplishing may still not reach your goal. It's the sad truth. But you will do something, and it will be more than you would have otherwise. And by "you", I of course mean, "me".

So by way of accountability, here's my little roundup of the goals I posted in the cabinet last January.

What I said I'd do:

Writing Time
I wanted to write ten hours a week, but said I'd at least write every day. I have been writing daily for months now and make at least ten hours a week. YAY ME! Sorry. I'm a little proud of this little success. I can't tell you the juggling and balancing...

I wanted to submit at least one fiction book. Well, that died on the vine, but it did get me writing a great deal last January. A friend said that a nonfiction book has to include things not easily found on the internet, and then it just all seemed like too, too much work. What's not on the internet? Okay, that's a cop out, I know. Really, my fiction urges flooded out the rest. That's the truth. I did write an outline and three chapters and get a critique.

Write The Truth About...Something
Yeah. Not feeling it. I did ponder and outline and such, but all my ideas were much bigger stories. I promise, I did give it a stab though.

Submit Sophie's called Pig Art (a picture book)
Done, to several agents. An important truth: you can write and submit, but you can't make someone publish you, that's out of your control. So, though things didn't turn out the way I'd like, I'm happy that I've done what I can do on that.

Write up my 30 Picture Book Ideas
I think I did this...not sure anymore. What I do know is that I wrote up about eight of my best ideas and sent four or five to an agent who is holding on to them but not marketing them. They are my best picture book work so I figure if they're not grabbing attention then I'll not bash my head on that brick wall any longer. I do promise myself to write any picture books that come forcefully to mind but all my ideas have been novel ideas for a very long time.

So with all that writing time I promised myself and no nonfiction or picture books to write I have been working on a YA novel which brings me to my 2014 goals.

Writing Time
I'd like to bump it up to twenty hours a week. One or two of the children may have to go into foster care...KIDDING! Sort of.

Publishable Novel
I want my novel in publishable shape by summer at which point I'll start submitting it and outlining a second book in that series (a girl can dream...especially a writer girl) and a completely new book--I have lots of possibilities I'm excited about there. I will start writing the completely new book in the fall when the kiddos head back to school.

And that's it. Easy.

Oh, and I have a super secret goal. If it works out, I'll let you know... Shhhh. I'll write that one down in private somewhere.

So now you. What's your goal? Write it? Try it. Or be Yoda and do don't try. No matter what you'll be farther down your path than otherwise. May you enjoy the journey.

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